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Pasture Raised Lamb and Goat

We are a new, small farm raising lamb and goat in an intensive rotational grazing system. We are first generation farmers, and have built our farming philosophy from the ground up, free of preconceived ideas, and receptive to the many modern advances in farming and ranching. We bought our farm in 2016, and we quickly took a deep dive into modern grazing practices - practices that maximize animal health and welfare, produce outstanding quality meat, and improve soil health.

Our animals are selected for incredible flavor

Raised on pasture their whole lives

Designing for the Future

Because we started from scratch, we have been intentional about how we design and implement our grazing system. We aim to get the most out of our land in a way that improves, rather than degrades the soil. We have embarked on a long-term project to increase organic matter in the soil, improve water infiltration and retention, increase fertility, renovate depleted pasture, and increase biodiversity across all manner of plants, insects, and animals.

Our paddock system is the accelerator, steering wheel, and brake of this long-term project.

Delivery Dates

Delivery for meat orders and subscriptions happen on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Use this calendar to track the next delivery date.